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Phoenix, AZ /

June: TypeScript v. Flow

DriveTime 1720 West Rio Salado Pkwy , Tempe, AZ (map)

TypeScript v. Flow

Carson Howard will be discussing the merits and drawbacks of both TypeScript and Flow, as well as giving his opinion on which one he thinks is more worthwhile (Spoiler: we are not at a Flow meetup). We will look at some of the typing and type signatures, the tooling, and talk overall about how the two systems fit into the development workflow.

Despite what some of us may think, both TypeScript and Flow can be useful – and painful – tools to have in our development arsenal! Let's take a look at what they both have to offer!


• 6:30pm: Food and drinks

• 6:50pm: Quick intro about PHX TS meetup

• 7:00pm: TypeScript v. Flow


Carson Howard has been a professional developer for the last 5 years, starting as a Junior Developer on a .NET Web Forms application. Since then, he has worked on a monolithic VB6 system, written a few ASP.NET Web Apps, and was even the manager of a 20 person development team. Eventually, Carson had the chance to move some older applications into the web using Node.js and a few different front-end frameworks. From there, Carson landed at Axosoft where he has worked on the GitKraken Client and GitKraken Glo for the last year, almost exclusively in Node.js and React.


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