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Phoenix, AZ /

Experienced devs: Functional programming in a React App

Woz U 8444 N 90th St Suite 110, Scottsdale, az 85258 (map)

This meetup is hosted at the Woz U Scottsdale Campus. They are providing the space, food (pizza and salad) and drinks. Rumor has it they will have cookies too.

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

Introducing Elm into a React App by Jess Tomchak


Elm is a functional language that compiles to JavaScript. There are a lot of benefits that can be gained from using a functional language, more than just adding types as a super set to existing JavaScript. How about No more null. No “undefined is not a function”, we’ll never see these again! I’ll go over how to leverage this incredible language in our existing React Apps, and some of the challenges of taking this route.

Jesse is an instructor at Woz U and is best friends with Steve Wozniak. He has a passion for learning new programming languages, has developed applications in React Native, and is a recovering iOS developer.

ReasonReact Tutorial by Bryan Focht


Want to know more about Reason/OCaml? This tutorial aims to give you an introduction to the ReasonReact library from Facebook. We'll learn how to create a small application, compile and run it, and compare it to a traditional react web application.

Bryan works at GoDaddy as a engineering manager working on several react application. He is working on a few projects including creating new domain re-seller storefront and also migrating an application from ASP.NET webforms to a node/react application.



6:30 - Eat food, make some code friends, talk to potential employers or job candidates

6:50 - Announcements. Mention job openings or if you're looking for a job

7:05 - Presentations

Other info


Parking: park anywhere uncovered and that doesn't say reserved. Thanks Jesse, Nicole, and Woz U for hosting.


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