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Phoenix, AZ /

Beginners: ExcuseJS (aka Hack night)

Woz U 8444 N 90th St Suite 110, Scottsdale, az 85258 (map)

This meetup is hosted at the Woz U Scottsdale Campus. They are providing the space, food (pizza and salar) and drinks. Rumor has it they will have cookies too.

We are sponsored by TAISTech. If you're looking for a dev job, stop! Let them use their connections to hook you up with a job up your alley!

About the special night


ExcuseJS is not a library or framework. It's an opportunity to get together with other devs and learn. Or teach. Or get an extra pair of eyes on a problem that's been bugging you at work. Or a problem from a side project. Or shoot the breeze about programming. Or other tech. Or life. Or all of the above. It's a hack night.

The beginners group will network/schmooze alongside the experienced devs at the beginning of the meetup. Then the experienced devs will use the main room at Woz U. Beginners can use either of the two breakout rooms. The amount of space for beginners is limited, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30.

Please... come prepared. It's absolutely informal. But don't waste it. If you want some help, think about how you'll succinctly describe the problem you're having. If you want to show something cool you've built or done or a library you think is neat and you want to show a small group, practice showing it off for a smidge ahead of time. I recommend you put in the comments if you expect you'd like some help or want to show something. In either case, mention the topic. If you are interested in helping or seeing what's shown, reply back to that comment!



6:30 - Eat food, make some code friends, talk to potential employers or job candidates

6:50 - Announcements. Mention job openings or if you're looking for a job

7:05 - ExcuseJS aka Hack time

Other info


Parking: park anywhere uncovered and that doesn't say reserved. Thanks Jesse, Nicole, and Woz U for hosting.


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