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Phoenix, AZ /

Advanced 3D printer/scanner Training

STAX3D Business Center STAX3D Business Center, 1497 E Baseline Rd #100 , Gilbert, AZ (map)

Free training to compare and explore the latest materials, tools, and workflows used to design, scan, print, and finish each additive manufacturing process for the consumer and prosumer.

3D Printers

• Markforged Metal X (sintered metal powder)

• Markforged Onyx One (Carbon fiber composite)

• SLCOM 1 (thermoplastic reinforced woven composite)

• EnvisionTEC Micro Plus cDLM (40 micron)

• EnvisionTEC Micro Advantage (60 micron UV LED)

• EnvisionTEC Perfactory 4 (85 micron DLP)

• 3D Systems ProJet® 660Pro (Full color CMYK)

• Flash Forge Creator Pro (FDM)

• Makerbot Replicator+ (FDM)

• Ultamaker 2 (3mm FDM)

3D Scanners

• Full body scan (100 camera StaxStudio)

• Artec Space Spider (0.05mm metrological accuracy)

• Artec Eva Lite (0.1mm accuracy)

• Artec Leo (0.1mm accuracy 80fps 9DoF)


6:00 -6:10: Arrive and sign in

6:10 - 6:15: Quick introductions

6:15 - 7:00: We will have three groups in three rotations

At each rotation we will go over the applications, workflow, and unique features of each type of technology

1. Project 660 (full color), Markforged (composite), Formlabs (SLA), and general overview

2. Envision Tech (DLP), Ultimaker, Flashforge - Creator Pro, and Z 18

3. Artec 3D Scanning and cross curricular educational applications of additive manufacturing

7:00 - 8:00: Networking and time to explore any of the technology in more depth.

The goal is to introduce you to all of the technology and then give you plenty of time to go back and engage with the specific technology that you find most interesting.


Shawn Hardina




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