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Phoenix, AZ /

SQLSaturday #726 Phoenix 2018 Pre-Cons @ Galvanize PHX

Galvanize 515 East Grant Street , Phoenix, AZ (map)


Pre-Conferences are happening at Galvanize Phoenix

Ginger Grant - Machine Learning with Python and SQL Server

Thinking about getting involved with Machine Learning (ML) and are unsure what it can do? This session provides answers the question: Where can ML can provide a solution? As it is important to understand the limitations of ML, the course also reviews when other analytic processes would work better. Learn the steps to ensure that your data is suited for ML analysis and what you can do to fix it. Once attendees understand the workflow, the course will cover the processes used in algorithm selection. Why Python and not R? We will review an ML solution in both R and Python to show the strengths and limitations of each in SQL Server 2017 so attendees will understand why. Bring your laptop and you will be able to follow along in class and get all set up to continue your learning after class.

Cost: $150.00 (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks)

Jonathan Stewart - Show it Right! An In-Depth Guide to Visualization

In this full-day session, you will learn the ins and outs of data visualization. The focus of this course is to help beginners and experts alike refine their visualization process. Participants will not just learn the theories and concepts of visualization, but the actual process to successfully implement them including the why's and not just the how-tos. Get hands on experience as we work through a complete cycle from the initial request to the successful delivery of the visualization.

Cost: $150.00 (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks)

Venue Sponsor: Galvanize Phoenix (

Please remember to register for our main free SQLSaturday Phoenix event on Saturday, March 17, 2018.


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