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Phoenix, AZ /

November: Derpymon (TS, WebVR, AFrame, and Dojo 2 game)

DriveTime 1720 West Rio Salado Pkwy , Tempe, AZ (map)

This month Paul Shannon will be giving an updated talk on his WebVR efforts, with a look at Derpymon an experiment in A-Frame using reactive programming techniques!


• 6:30pm: Food and drinks

• 6:50pm: Quick intro about PHX TS meetup

• 6:55pm: EventKey demo (local entrepreneur building an app to help with events and meetups)

• 7:05pm: Paul Shannon's talk about Derpymon 


Derpymon is a WebVR app built using A-Frame and Dojo 2 and all of their related technologies. Come see the future as we provide an light introduction to A-Frame and Dojo 2, talk about best practices for navigating custom elements with reactive frameworks, and show how we built Derpymon into a custom element of its own using Webpack and Dojo 2 build tools.


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