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Phoenix, AZ /

WordPress Meetup - Tempe

Endurance International Group 1500 N. Priest Drive, 2nd Floor , Tempe, AZ (map)

6:30 - Introductions / Announcements

6:45 - "Taking Over An Existing Project is Like Moving" by Jeremy Scott

Ever move to a new city? Driving around, mechanically that is, is the same: operating a vehicle, red means stop, green go, etc. But getting around... there is the challenge. Once you’ve been there a while and learned your way, its like second nature. Web Professionals are finding themselves doing more and more “refreshes” and “redesigns” and “updates” as of late. Where we know our way around existing projects we start, jumping into someone else’s is like moving to a new city and trying to find the grocery story. Just like we have learn

 how to get around a new neighborhood after a move, we need to learn our way around existing projects if we’re going to take them on. We’ll explore that process so we set ourselves up for success... and maybe set up the next guy for success too!

7:30 - Enterprise Integration with the WooCommerce System, Presented by Mike Healy

Mike's presentation will introduce the audience to the WooCommerce (WC) REST API.  Topics include:

-- What a REST API is, and why it is important.

-- An introduction to the power and flexibility that the language-neutral WC API offers.

-- A look at the primary use cases driving the need to utilize the WC API.

-- A review of the various WooCommerce resources that are exposed through the WC API.

-- A look at using Java as a server-side integration language to access the WC API.

-- Some live examples of Java code running against a WC instance.

-- Q&A

8:15 - Idea Swap

8:30 - Wrap Up - Out for drinks


Directions and Parking Instructions:

Endurance International Group 

1500 N. Priest Drive, 2nd Floor 

Tempe, Arizona 85281

Endurance is located on the SW corner of Priest and W. Center Parkway (just north of Washington Street). The office is accessible by transit and light rail. The light rail stop is on the corner of Washington and Priest. 

Visitor parking is located in front of the building in the circle drive or turn left when entering the driveway for additional visitor parking.

Enter the building and let security know you are attending the WordPress Meetup at Endurance. Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor.

Please note: Do not try to find Endurance using GPS as it may take you to Washington St. and the wrong building. 


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