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  • Phone: 520-301-7906
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    Southbox HQ
    1715 South Street, 1st Flr, Philadelphia, PA 19146

We Build Great Companies

Southbox is a Philly-based startup incubator and fund that distributes shared resources across multiple early-stage tech startups.

Early-stage startups often have similar needs: access to capital, talent, software development, affordable legal, accounting, office space, connections, and mentors with domain expertise. Yet, most new startups go through the same hustle & bustle of trying to solve for these things over and over again, independently. If one fails, the next doesn't benefit from their work, learn from their mistakes, or utilize remaining resources. We aim to change that.

We are a platform for launching and scaling tech companies, located in South Philadelphia, however we invest anywhere. Typical investments are between $10K and $50K per company, industry agnostic. Deals can take a number of forms: debt, equity, or rev-share.

Southbox is currently invite-only. However, if you are a journalist, investor, startup founder or someone else interested in what we do we've always got time for tea.

Reach out to us anytime at