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More Information:
  • Relative Activity: Very High
  • Phone: 610-293-0600
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    435 Devon Park Drive,
    Wayne, PA 19087

Safeguard deploys capital into companies that are operating in large, growing markets; have barriers to entry by competitors, such as proprietary technology and intellectual property, or other competitive advantages; and have a compelling growth strategy. We are generally the primary shareholder in each partner company and have a strong network of syndication partners that we work with along the way.

Safeguard’s current management team has deployed more than $351M of capital in its partner companies since January 2006. We have also built value and realized more than $646M through well-timed exit transactions from current and legacy partner companies and private-equity holdings that represented transactions undertaken by Safeguard’s current and previous management teams.