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Philadelphia, PA /

Jumpstart Blockchain for .NET Developers

Microsoft 45 Liberty Blvd , Malvern, PA (map)

Our monthly meeting will be held May 16 from 5:30-8:00 on the second floor of the Microsoft Malvern MTC in Malvern. Refreshments are provided courtesy of Stratis (

Mahesh Chand – Unblocking Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies of today and expected to grow faster in coming year. Do you understand Blockchain? Mahesh will cover the following topics to help you unblock it:

- Why Blockchain is so popular?

- What Blockchain is?

- Why do you need a Blockchain?

- What kind of apps we can build using Blockchain?

- Basic components of a Blockchain

- What language and tools do you need?

- Look at various Blockchain projects

Henry He – Building a Blockchain with .NET Core

What does a Blockchain look like? How does Blockchain prevent from data tampering? Why so many people want to become miner and provide their computing power to Blockchain? Today, Henry is going to use .NET Core to build a Blockchain from scratch, show the proof-of-work, and explain mining reward mechanism in a nutshell. Hopefully, you will have a much better understanding on Blockchain after Henry’s presentation

This session will live stream on Mixer at our channel:


Philly .Net


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