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Philadelphia, PA /

Staying Employable

Jornaya 1001 E Hector St , Conshohocken, PA (map)

The software industry is quite unique and tech employers use sometimes strange methods in how they evaluate, interview, and hire candidates. Even as demand continues to increase we hear stories of engineers sometimes struggling to find quality work (or sometimes any work at all). This presentation will focus on ways to keep your skills marketable, how to stay abreast of what is in demand, and techniques to ensure that you’ll always have a job. It will be followed by a Q&A where you can ask more direct questions about your own background.

Presenter: Dave Fecak

Dave Fecak spent 20 years as a recruiter for a mix of startups and tech firms throughout the Philadelphia and New York areas. He has placed hundreds of job seekers and counseled thousands more. In 2000, Dave founded the Philadelphia Area Java Users’ Group and served as its JUGmaster until 2015. He is also active as a moderator of Reddit’s r/cscareerquestions subreddit that has nearly 150K members, and his writing on career topics has been published and or cited by Lifehacker, Fast Company, the American Management Association, and several tech sites. Dave currently is the founder and principal of Resume Raiders, a company that provides resume writing and job search strategy consultation to job seekers.

Venue: Jornaya (

Jornaya is the consumer journey insight platform that provides publishers, marketers, data analysts, and compliance professionals with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. It is the only technology platform that witnesses both first- and third-party consumer interactions in real time and across devices. Meeting consumers at these moments of intent enables businesses to shorten the distance between data, decision, and action. Jornaya seamlessly integrates with any buyer journey decision process or toolkit. Visit ( for more information.

Food Sponsor: Rajant (

Based in Malvern, Rajant makes mobile, scalable, secure, highly reliable wireless mesh network technology for industrial, military, and niche customers - and has been since 2001. Rajant's products are centered on a patented layer 2 meshing protocol, Linux-based wireless devices with multiple radios, and Java-based management and monitoring infrastructure all built by a small local team. Learn more at!


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