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Philadelphia, PA /

Monthly Steemit Meetup from BitcoinPHL

The institute bar The institute bar (upstairs) 549 n 12th st · Philadelphia (map)


• What we'll do is a blockchain-based social media platform that rewards content publishers with STEEM cryptocurrency for the content that they create. Unlike Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and other traditional platforms which reap all of the massive financial rewards created by the content published by their users, the Steem blockchain lets the users reap the rewards via the STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS cryptocurrencies! There are many sites built on top of the Steem blockchain which cater to different types of content creation - is a blogging platform similar to Reddit, DTube is a video platform similar to YouTube, and is a platform specifically for rewarding contributions to open-source software projects. Plus many more!

The amount of the rewards a user earns can range from a few cents up to hundreds of dollars for a single post. Steem, as a community has a very high level of engagement, so for those users who are consistently active, it's possible to earn some nice extra money, a steady second income, or for a few really successful users the equivalent earnings of a decent full time job. (It’s also a great way to start participating in the world of cryptocurrencies without using money out of your own pocket!) The earnings in STEEM and Steem Dollars can be traded for goods and services on the Steemit Marketplace, or on crypto-currency exchanges where they can be sold for US dollars, or other global (fiat) currencies.

The purpose of this meet up is to create a casual forum where Steem users (often referred to as Steemians) from around Philadelphia can meet each other face to face in order to create real world connections. This meetup is an introduction to this platform for new users, more advance topics for current / veteran users and also general crypto/blockchain discussions for everyone. We will also have several great presentations by two well known and appreciated members of the platform:

• Phil Knick (@Knircky) will be providing a general overview of the Steem platform, the community, and what to expect as you get started.

• Matt Rosen (@Yabapmatt) will be discussing detailed strategies to earn money on and other Steem blockchain sites.

We're going to include a basic discussion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for attendees who are completely new to this world. We will also be generating new, free accounts so new users can become active right away!

If you're not yet using Steem, it's the one of the greatest (and possibly the best) models to date to effectively implement the ideas, and principles of crypto and blockchain into an elegantly functioning economy. And it's a lot of fun, so please join us!




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