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Philadelphia, PA /

Intro to Database Design

P'unk Avenue LLC 1168 East Passyunk Avenue , Philadelphia, (map)

Data, data everywhere, and not a byte to waste.... 

Database is the science (and art) of storing and retrieving data.  As anyone who has tried to analyze data using Excel can attest, it is not as simple as it might seem.  

Are you a developer (web or otherwise) and wish to learn more about the backend stack? Are you an analyst who would like to learn why your reports take time to build and run? Are you a business owner or hobbyist who'd like to design your own database system? Or, maybe you're thinking about becoming a database professional? If you answered yes to any of the questions above or are just generally interested in learning more about databases - this class will get you started.

No prior experience is necessary in this introductory course where we will dive deep into the foundations of relational database.  This is a lecture-based class, not a lab.

We will cover many intriguing topics such as: 

• How do you choose a primary key?  

• How do you slice your data into tables? 

• What does it mean when someone asks if your database has been "normalized"? 

• What is referential integrity?  

• What is so special about an index? 

What to bring:

• A notebook, a laptop is optional

About the teacher:

Sondra Willhite has been a database developer for the last decade.  In this role she is responsible for database design and builds front-end interfaces, and she has a hand in many other database related tasks such troubleshooting performance and creating business intelligence reports. She's also been a GDI student and TA.

Refunds offered only in case of emergency, class rescheduling, or class cancellation.

Unemployed or in financial distress and interested in taking this class? Apply for a scholarship

Want to help out at this class? We're always looking for TA's! Contact the organizer at at

All attendees are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct


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