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Philadelphia, PA /

CocoaHeads: Monthly Meeting @ IndyHall

IndyHall 399 Market Street, Suite 360 , Philadelphia, PA (map)


Charts, Mike Zornek

A quick introduction to this helpful library for embedding clean charts for iOS which are both intractable and animatable.

Matt Smollinger Shows Maps

Matt runs mobile for, an open mapping company. He’s gonna show off his iOS SDK he built.

The Feline Finder Developer Journey, Gregory Williams

It has been a long road from an app that started life as basically a zombie app to one that had 450 downloads in one day. I would like to show how the app looks now and tell you its journey. I will show my new 3.3 version app and will tell how I worked with to produce the current version. I will talk about how I tried to advertise my app.

Puck Striker, Kotaro Fujita

A behind-the-scenes look at taking a simple game jam prototype to final iOS product within a month.


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