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Philadelphia, PA /

Cognoma Project Night · Datathon!

CandiDate Philly / Industrious Office 230 S. Broad Street - 17th Floor , Philadelphia, PA (map)

Project Cognoma is an ongoing datathon to put machine learning in the hands of cancer biologists. The projectwas created by DataPhilly in partnership with Code for Philly and the Greene Lab as a voluntary effort for the technology community to come together and combine software development, data science, and machine learning expertise to develop a webapp for cancer research. The project's name, Cognoma, is a portmanteau of the words cognition and carcinoma.

Project organization and development occurs on GitHub. Project nights provide an opportunity for in-person team work. To achieve the aims of this project, we're seeking individuals with experience in full stack web development, user experience & design, data visualization, bioinformatics, and machine learning. Most development is done in Python.

We look forward to seeing those of you who can make it to our meetups, and continuing to interact throughout the course of the project on GitHub. Our hope is that everyone who contributes learns something new while helping to develop a state-of-the-art tool for cancer research.


Data Philly


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