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Philadelphia, PA /

How to Boost Your Sales using Competitors’ SEO/PPC Data

Giuseppes Pizza And Family Restaurant 1380 W Street Rd , Warminster, PA (map)

This MeetUp will be held at a NEW Venue - 

Giuseppes Pizza And Family Restaurant
1380 W Street Rd, Warminster, PA

This NEW Venue provides room for 100+ people and we can stay to 10:30 pm -- allowing more Q&A and networking time.


Fee:    No Cost.

Food - This is a full service restaurant - you can order anything you wish from the menu.  Please bring money to pay for what you order.   (Your are NOT required to order anything, if you don't want to.)


Title:    How to Boost Your Sales using Competitors’ SEO/PPC Data

In this presentation you will learn:

• How to use your competitors to develop your perfect keyword strategy by framing your topic and structuring your article for both humans and RankBrain, Google's latest algorithmic update. By the end of this step you will learn how to create quality “content marketing” that draws  customers to you.

• How to reverse engineer your competitors’ paid advertising strategies to develop a custom tailored ppc strategy designed to drive more leads, more sales  to your business. 

• How Paul lost almost $10k – TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS – on his first ad campaign and how you don’t have to. By the end of this step you will learn the planning techniques you need to make consistent progress and avoid missteps many make.

• How to develop an online sales pipeline to reach a larger, targeted audience with high-performance subscription and list-building strategies.

• PPC or SEO. Paul will cover the advantages and disadvantages of each and how you can use both synergistically to squeeze out every ounce of power from your digital marketing strategy, each and every time. 

• and much more . . .

• Q&A

• Networking after the presentation





Paul Klebanov
Marketing Educator and Speaker at SEMrush

Paul Klebanov was bitten by the Business Bug early. In Elementary School he bought and sold his friend’s sandwiches - sometimes making $350/week!

Paul started designing websites at 14. He used his mastery of inbound marketing and sales psychology to generate millions of dollars in leads for local entrepreneurs and grassroots organizations.

In 2011 Paul launched PPL Stores LLC, aiming to make $1 million in revenue before 30…  

He actually made over $3.1 million by 27.

Now Paul helps young businesses bloom. He’s a marketing educator and speaker at SEMrush, where he teaches businesses and budding entrepreneurs his battle tested digital marketing strategies.

Here is a link to some of Paul's past presentations.


Closing remarks including reviewing the Consortium’s Website and asking the audience what elements they would want to see in it, to offer the most value to members.


Fee:    No Cost.  (Please bring money to pay for the food you order.)




Giuseppes Pizza And Family Restaurant

1380 W Street Rd, Warminster, PA



NOTE:  If you have specific questions around User Requirements, Marketing or WordPress Development, it's not too late to ask! 

If you post them below, we will try to include them in the open discussion.


The goal of this Consortium is to bring the entire User (Website Owner), Professional Marketing and WordPress Developer supply chain together in one room at one time to learn and understand from each other what is needed by the User and what technologies are now available or will be available in the future to help the User make money with their Marketing plans thru their Website.


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