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Philadelphia, PA /

Monthly Meetup

The Comcast Center 1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard , Philadelphia, PA (map)

6:30 - Food and whatnot, Courtesy of Comcast

6:45 - Welcome

6:50 - 60 Seconds Each from 5 People That Are Hiring

7:00 - Announcements from the DevOps Community

7:10 - A Word from our After-Meetup Sponsor (AppDynamics)

7:15 - Lightning Talk - Damion Waltermeyer - Architecture Planning for early startups interested in DevOps. 

7:20 - kops 101: Production Grade Kubernetes Deployment

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for automating the deployment, management and orchestration of containerized applications and is now used by everyone from hobbyists to the largest enterprises, with billions of containers now in circulation. 

As a “DevOps” professional interested in bringing Kubernetes to your organization on AWS, how do you actually go about provisioning and deploying production ready, highly available Kubernetes clusters? 

Come learn about kops, the premier tool for installing, upgrading and managing a highly available, secure, production Kubernetes deployment on AWS. We will discuss how kops works, the difference between kops and some traditional “DevOps” tools, and while we’re talking, we will attempt to do some exciting demos like bootstrapping a production-quality Kubernetes cluster or two. Then I will attempt to answer your questions. 

Speaker: Eric Hole, kops core maintainer/contributor, Distributed Platform Engineer and SRE, ReactiveOps 8 - Mingle, transition to after-meetup 

8:10 - After-Meetup Drinks Sponsored by AppDynamics


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