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Milwaukee, WI /

#UseThePlatform with StencilJS

Rokkincat 229 East Wisconsin Avenue Suite #1200, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map)

For developers, building complex, interactive web apps has never been easier thanks to great tools like React, Angular, etc. For users, the mobile web has never been slower. Modern tools like Angular and React are largely to blame due to their large size. Enter StencilJS, a new tool from the team that brought you Ionic Framework. Stencil is a compiler that generates standard-compliant, reactive web components in an extremely lightweight fashion. These components embrace the Web Component spec, and run inside or outside of any framework. Since they embrace the web platform and the underlying spec, code generated with Stencil will run in browsers in all likelihood for the next twenty years at least! The developer experience is designed to mimic React, and the performance is a quantum leap ahead of existing javascript frameworks. Join us to learn the basics of Stencil and see how you #UseThePlatform to push the mobile web forward.


Dan Bucholtz is a software engineer on the Ionic Framework core team primarily focused on developer tooling and experience. Basically, he spends his work day and free time figuring out ways to make Ionic apps run faster, and ways to make them faster to build. Prior to working on Ionic, he was a software architect leading Brady Corporation's mobile team and has built (and deployed) numerous Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 applications. Outside of work, Dan is a family man, sports fan and ping-pong aficionado living in Pewaukee, WI


Thank you to Rokkin Cat for hosting us!

Thank you to Northwestern Mutual for providing food.

Thank you Frontend Masters for supplying awesome giveaways.


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