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Milwaukee, WI /

The Shit We're too Afraid to Say

ShoreTel 1610 N. Second Street Suite 101, Milwaukee, WI 53212 (map)

Hi! My name is Clark Sell. Myself and a few others run a small software company we affectionately call Tangible. At Tangible we create software products for software developers. Our flagship product, Xervo, is a PaaS running ~50k websites, apps, apis, bots, you name it, and running all over the world. 

As storytelling goes, this is ours. It's not the story of Tangible, or Xervo, per say, but rather the story of a software developer gone business owner. I've found myself in this "startup world" with no salary, no investors, a metric ton of passion and a little bit of crazy, this was by design. 

As a business owner, I find myself asking very different questions of my customers, our products, and employees. You see, when you're responsible for making payroll, your days become a series of decisions. Every hour is an investment in something and an hour "lost." Even still, sometimes it's just better to tell everyone to go home because it yields more.

Tonight is about sharing our war stories, sharing a few successes and letting you in on a few failures. All it takes is 1 customer to become your company's cancer. Did you know you can fire customers too? How about your products's fanboys and their litany of feature requests, are they good or just solving yesterday's problems. 

Let's talk how 6 people manage 175 private Github repos and how we don't use email. Maybe we should compare what framework de jour we're stuck trying to migrate off of?

Our war stories, that's the theme. No slideware, just an outline in vim and lots of conversation. Bring your stories, bring your questions, let's share and compare. 


Pre-meetup social hour will be at the Brown Bottle (map) starting around 5pm. 


Thank you to ShoreTel for hosting us and providing beverages.

Thank you to Northwestern Mutual for providing food.

Thank you Frontend Masters for supplying awesome giveaways.

SPR Consulting is our August meetup sponsor. Check them out over at!


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