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Milwaukee, WI /

Securing your Campground with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

ShoreTel 1610 N. Second Street Suite 101, Milwaukee, WI 53212 (map)

Imagine that you have created this awesome campground (web app) but now you want control who has access to the different campsites. For example, you may only want VIPs to have access to the campsites with the perfect view of the sunset. Commonly cookies would be used to solve this problem. Your website would authenticate the user, a session id would be created, and that session state would be stored on the server in some form. But what happens when you need to scale your campground? How do you secure the mobile campground (mobile app)? 

Enter JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and token based authentication. In this talk we will define what a JWT is, compare token based authentication to cookies, how a JWT is generated, and how you it can be used to secure your applications (both for mobile and web). At the end we will talk about how to leverage identity provides (Azure AD, okta, ect.) for user management and toss in 2 factor authentication for fun! 


Tony Gemoll is a Enterprise Architect with Northwestern Mutual with an emphasis on web front end development. His wife says he went to college to become a professional geek. Along with his day job, Tony also organizes the Milwaukee JS meetup dedicated to JavaScript talks, topics, and learning.


Pre-meetup social hour will be at the Brown Bottle (map) starting around 5pm. 


Thank you to ShoreTel for hosting us and providing beverages.

Thank you to Northwestern Mutual for providing food.

Thank you Frontend Masters for supplying awesome giveaways.


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