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Milwaukee, WI /

Lightning Talks

PKWARE 201 East Pittsburgh Avenue , Milwaukee, WI (map)

In lieu of a specific speaker and topic, this month I'd like to open our agenda to Lightning Talks by members of our Meetup group.

"A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or similar forum ..." -- Wikipedia

Have a short talk you'd like to give? Is it related to Ruby? Great! Send me a message describing your talk and I'll update this page with your information!

So far, we have two lightning talks for this meetup:

1. SaaS Internals - Nick Berveiler will discuss his experiences building a Software as a Service (SaaS) application using Ruby on Rails and his plans to open source his software. Nick Berveiler has been working with Ruby on Rails for over 10 years, initially as a hobbyist and independent contractor and later used his previous work experience to build his own business. The current iteration of his software, named Document Garden, has 3 non profit organizations who use and depend on his software on a daily basis. This is going to be an open ended discussion based on the interests of attending participants.

2. Using Devise - Clint Laskowski will demonstrate how to add authentication to a basic Ruby on Rails web application.





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