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Louisville, KY /

Linux Group: July KyOSS: Code Performance / Compilers / JULinux

TEK Systems 700 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy The 700 Room , Louisville, KY (map)

On the agenda for Wednesday:

• Code Performance (by Jeff)

• A Roll-Your-Own Compiler (by Chris. A.)

• JULinux (by Ben)

Jeff Squyres: Code performance. From Jeff:

"This Wednesday, I'll talk about how good performance is an industry best practice. Active discussion from the audience makes these talks the best (vs. a straight-out lecture), so come prepared to learn, agree, and/or disagree with me. All are welcome!

"I actually gave this talk at KyOSS in July of 2014 (holy cow, have I been going to KyOSS that long?), but I've significantly updated the presentation and included a lot more content."

Chris A.: Chris will present a roll-your-own compiler he has developed (together with its own higher-level language he created). This follows his development of his own assembler which he told us about a few months ago.

Ben: A preview of a Linux distro he has helped develop: julinux

Come and join us! We usually have between 15 and 20 Linux users, admins, and programmers show up. Good conversation and networking and, often, a great presentation or two.

If we don't have an announced program, feel free to come with a discussion topic or a presentation to make to us! (Or just come and join the conversation!)

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month.

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