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Louisville, KY /

DerbyPy: Snacking on Celery - An Introduction to Task Queueing with Python

Sullivan School of Technology and Design 3903 Atkinson Square Drive , Louisville, ky 40218 (map)

At our March monthly meetup we'll be taking a look at Celery, an asynchronous task/job queue based on distributed message passing. Celery and it's various backends can end up being very complex. We'll do a gentle introduction with typical use cases. We'll then look at how to do unit and functional testing with your Celery tasks and PyTest.

Randy Syring, the Chief Executive Developer at Level 12 will be leading this talk.

If you're interested in studying up on the topic prior to our meetup, you can find out more info about Celery at


DerbyPy Monthly meetings generally consist of:

• Food & chit-chat

• A presentation and discussion on some Python related topic. This may sometimes include hands-on opportunities, so bring a laptop if possible.

• An opportunity for other "lightning talks" and general discussion of cool or interesting things happening in the Python world.


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