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Louisville, KY /

DNS - Its history, use, abuse, and reuse

TEK Systems 700 N. Hurstbourne Pkwy The 700 Room , Louisville, KY (map)

Michael Speer will be giving us a presentation on DNS (the Domain Name System), the system that makes it possible for us to have URLS (and a lot of other things).

I've just glanced at Michael's outline and it looks fascinating. He's going to start with an explanation of why we needed DNS in the first place, (Yes, Virginia, there actually was an Internet before DNS.), explain its workings, show various exploits and how they've been thwarted, and show how DNS is used as a tool/resource for accomplishing things well beyond its original purpose.

In addition to Michael's presentation, Ben Fitzpatrick's short presentation (usually the "Distribution of the Month") will be on the differences between the XFCE and Gnome3 user interfaces.

This should be a session not to miss. Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

- John

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