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Louisville, KY /

Flexibility Through Closures: Monthly Meetup

Red e App Office 216 South Shelby Street , Louisville, KY 40217 (map)

This month we'll learn about closures, a cousin of functions and one of the most versitile features of Swift. Many Swift, Foundation, and Cocoa APIs accept closures, so this is a critical skill. After this meetup, we’ll know what closures good for, how to make the most of them, and of course their potential pitfalls. 

We’ll briefly explore the differences between values and references as they relate to closures. We’ll also compare the use of closures with the delegate pattern. Don’t be worried by the jargon—we’ll learn all this from first principles so it’s approachable.

See you there !

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About Us

Every month we meet up to learn about Swift and iOS. There is usually a main presentation about some aspect of the language, frameworks, or developer skills. We will also talk about and help each other with projects we're working on.


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