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Louisville, KY /

The importance of gaining user insight

VIA Studio 223 S. Clay Street , Louisville, KY 40202 (map)

We're meeting on a different night to accommodate a visiting guest speaker, Darren Kall. Darren is going to be talking about the importance of software engineers having direct contact with users to gain valuable insights about their projects and products.

Talk Abstract

Software engineers should be empowered to have direct contact with customers and users! Agile, startup, and lean processes say you need to deliver value to customers. How do you get valid insights to understand customer value and guide decision making? Get your whole team involved in gathering user insights. Building user insights gives everyone in a team a voice in design decision making, and aligns a team for faster and more accurate product development. This awareness talk explains the value, opportunities, and techniques to empower you and your team. It also gives hints how to deal with the inevitable obstacles to enabling user insights for the whole team. Audience: software engineers, devs, programmers, designers, product leadership, test, BA, marketing, UX etc. Everyone on the team who is not a user researcher. Actually user researchers are welcome too – they will learn how to facilitate bringing the team into all forms of customer and user contact.

Meetup Agenda

6:00 - 6:15: Social (beer drinking)

6:15 - 7:30: The Talk


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