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Louisville, KY /

DerbyPy Monthly Meetup

The Pointe - LVL1 1205 E. Washington St. , Louisville, KY (map)

Python is growing in popularity in the realm of data science. Many data scientists are learning how to wield data with NumPy and Pandas, but another tool that should be in every data scientist's Python tool belt is SQLAlchemy. Not a data scientist? No problem. SQLAlchemy is a great tool for anyone who works with databases and likes Python.

The SQLAlchemy ORM allows you to interact with databases of various kinds using only Python objects. With the SQLAlchemy ORM you can define your database model, create flexible and reusable queries, and write unit tests for your data processes.

At our next DerbyPy meetup Bill Adams will give a brief introduction to the SQLAlchemy ORM. This will be an intermediate tutorial that assumes a working knowledge of SQL. Come join us to learn how to add this useful library to your Python toolkit.


Each meeting will generally consist of:

• Food & chit-chat

• A presentation and discussion on some Python related topic. This may sometimes include hands-on opportunities, so bring a laptop if possible.

• An opportunity for other "lightning talks" and general discussion of cool or interesting things happening in the Python world.

Finding the Room & Signing In

If you haven't been to LVL1, it can be a bit confusing to find the right area at the address given. You can follow this link to a Google map and note where the placemarker is for LVL1.

That is the correct area of the building. The door to enter is on the south at the bottom of the big ramp.

Once inside, please sign-in at the ipad directly in front of you as you walk in. This is to make sure you agree to the liability waiver.

DerbyPy meets in the conference room / training room off to the North East side (about 2 o'clock from where you walk in).


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