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Hatch House

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    208 East 4th Street
    Bethlehem, PA 18015

Hatch House is drastically changing how students live and launch businesses. Beyond housing, we are a community of resources elevating student potential.



To enable our best and brightest student-entrepreneurs to create new opportunities for themselves and others.To create local and nationwide networks of enriching housing alternatives for student-entrepreneurs.To entice companies to launch at a local level.To provide companies the necessary resources to survive and thrive after college graduation. 

Vision Statement:

Hatch House changes how entrepreneurs network, live, and launch businesses. Through exclusive channels, members are exposed to local leaders, angel investors, and a national on-line community. Hatch House resources help transition start-ups from ideas to profitable enterprises.Included in memberships (both residential and non-residential) we help companies with general business assistance, advisory services & consulting relating to business plans, business/market analysis, business management & organization, marketing, and customer analysis.  

What We Do:

Uniquely modeled after modern-day accelerator programs, and co-share office space, Hatch House will recruit the best and brightest entrepreneurs for an extended work-live fellowship. Fellows are granted access to an inspiring housing lifestyle and resources that compliment the tremendous efforts of partner universities and companies.The goal is to have a substantial amount of Fellows continue to grow companies, preferably rooted in the local communities.Hatch House’s purpose revolves around job creation and the positive trickle-down-effect of increased economic development. Our long-term goal is to help influence the creation of 100 nationwide businesses by 2020 by helping seed-stage companies utilize resources supplied by the efforts of Hatch House, company partners, local leaders, and the universities.


Our Strategy and Impact:

Create truly innovative, safe, and inspiring homes with a start-up atmosphere.Funnel a nationwide community of entrepreneurs to real-world application.Socialize talented individuals and train them to become action-oriented, enterprising, and innovative.Provide structure and community to cohorts of future entrepreneurs.Redirect talent to help renew our economy and our culture.Firmly establish entrepreneurship as a professional aspiration.Create Hatch House Fellows, past and present, to become job creators and entrepreneurs in communities throughout the country.Over time, present a new set of role models for young entrepreneurs to emulate.

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