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Ithaca, NY /

Developer Lunch Discussion

CoLab Coop 141 Ithaca Cmns , Ithaca, NY 14850 (map)

Join us for another great lunchtime conversation about developing for Drupal. 

Ted will give us a preview of his upcoming Drupalcon session:

Drupal is Changing, Quickly: How and Why

This session will let you know how Drupal core development has changed with Drupal 8.

Topics that will be covered:

• Semantic Versioning: New features are now being added to Drupal in minor releases such as 8.3.0, 8.4.0, etc.

• Scheduled Releases: You can now count on when those minor versions are released(with new features!)

• Experimental Modules: new experimental modules have been added to core every minor release so far.

• The Ideas Queue: This is where big ideas start that turn into the features you will have tomorrow

This session will help you: • Learn what features have already been added to Drupal 8 since its release

• Find out where to keep track of new features

• Learn what features will likely already be in core for your sites that will be developed a half year or a year from now

• Learn how to support new features that you are excited about

• Learn how to get involved with the discussion around new features

• Learn how to propose new features for Drupal core

We hope to see you there!


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