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Houston, TX /

Unheard of Facebook Marketing Tactics

Kelley's Country Cookin' 11555 West Airport Boulevard , Meadows Place, (map)

Rizwan Moton will be presenting Facebook marketing techniques that he has developed over the years. These are the same techniques he uses with his own clients and special projects. You will be able to implement these same strategies the same day and/or build out a thorough strategy for the rest of the year.

During the presentation, Rizwan will go over non-paid tactics, paid tactics, overall Facebook engagement psychology and how to harness that activity. He will show you how to stretch your dollar and increase your Facebook audience reach, audience engagement, and Facebook driven sales.


Rizwan Moton has been in the digital marketing space for over eight plus years. Throughout his years of dealing with various advertising platforms he has crafted his niche in Facebook marketing and SEO within the Houston market. With this long love of becoming a master in SEO he knew that there could be a way to channel that same passion towards Facebook marketing. He has devoted his time to figure out strategies and tactics on how one can optimize their impressions, reactions, and shares with paid and non-paid strategies within Facebook. The results and information he will be sharing will be from his own case studies and experience.

"Whenever I speak I try to ensure that whatever information I present will be useful, easy to implement, and actionable. I've been to dozens of speeches where the presenter only talks about theory. This leaves the rest of the room without any resourceful or implementable action items. I, on the other hand, will ensure that will not happen.“ - Rizwan Moton


Rizwan Moton has been an active member of the Houston WordPress group since 2010. He's always been very generous with his advice and learning from him can save you years of research.

This is definitely a session you wouldn't want to miss!


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