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The End of Net Neutrality: What Will It Mean?

The Cannon Houston 1336 Brittmoore Rd , Houston, (map)


The End of Net Neutrality: What Will It Mean?

"The future is darker than you think. We urge you to realize. that now, before it's too late" -  David Gorodyansky, Tech Crunch (owned by Oath, owned by Verizon)

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Tonight's Grind is Complimentary Net Neutrality gave us freedom of speech, freedom to create, and the freedom connect online. Many say these are rights given to us by our Nation's constitution. The FCC begs to differ.  What this means we don't exactly know, but the potential for unfair market advantages and limitations for small business growth seem evident. 

Talent Regulations

Online Security



questions + answers How do we gain a competitive edge in this market? Do we have the right internet package? What are we missing out on from edge players? It’s like we are in a “company filter bubble”.

Why does our analytics use keep pushing us over our data caps? They change the data cap tiers every month…

Why do the hi-res product photos look blurry on the site? How are customers going to buy what they can’t see? We wasted money on good photography…

Why are our how-to and demo videos buffering so much with low resolutions? Customers can’t see how to use our products and therefore won’t buy. We wasted money on good videography…

(we have a long list of additional questions we will share all month and at the event to help you make sure you are prepared for what is coming)

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7:00 pm Meet the Entrepreneurs

7:30 pm Peer-Lead Dialogue

8:00 pm Q+A

8:30 pm Make Friends

9:00 pm Adios!



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Michele Price, Houston's Chapter Director

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She is the “Voice” of Breakthrough radio, a global business radio show. Make sure when you visit Houston’s chapter you ask her about how she tamed a herd of buffalo in Montana.

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James Phelan, Partnership Director

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