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Houston, TX /

Blockchain in Azure: What is it, how do I use it and why should I care?

Blockchain - you might have heard the hype but do you know what it is, what you can do with it and when you should (and shouldn't) care? In this month's Meetup we will discuss all these aspects of Blockchain and talk about how this technology can be used in Azure, and what kinds of business problems it can be used to solve. 


• What is it? An overview of Blockchain for those who have never heard of it

• What is it for? Use cases for Oil & Gas, Energy, Financial Services and other industries

• Blockchain in the Enterprise How Blockchain can be used in the enterprise. We'll talk about how it can be used with things like IoT technologies, artificial intelligence or other enterprise apps. We'll also discuss where it works well - and where it doesn’t work well at all, and what questions to ask to help guide you in your adoption.

BaaS Azure Blockchain as a Service overview and demo

Q & A / Close

Your speaker tonight is Priya Aswani - a Cloud Solution Architect specialising in Data Science at Microsoft. Priya will answer all and any easy or very hard questions anyone may have along the way. This will be an interactive, demo-heavy session and ZERO prior knowledge on all of these topics is assumed.

Free Pizza and Soft Drinks will be served at ~5:30pm on the 10th floor - we will kick off the discussion there ~6pm after everyone has had a chance to eat, meet anyone else you'd like to and have a chat :-). Feel free to start arriving from 5pm on if you are nearby. PLEASE RSVP so we have an accurate food count.

PARKING: For free parking please park across the street on the third and fourth floors of the parking garage at 12711 Queensbury; parking in the Microsoft building is not free and no we can't validate you if you do park there (sorry).


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