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Houston, TX /

Houston Recreational Computer Programming Group

TX/RX Labs 205 Roberts st , Houston, TX 77003 (map)

The Recreational Computer Programming Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month at TX/RX Labs. We aim to have one or two short presentations by group members about their forays into recreational computer programming or creative coding, which is to say, programming computers for the fun of it. Programmers of all skill levels, from beginner to expert are welcome.

Please Email Dan if you have a project you'd like to present at a future meetup.

This Meetup's Presentations:

Dan: "How To Think Like a Camera" (Intro to Computer Vision).  Probably OpenCV on Raspberry PI using Python.

Kojo: Send a text, roll some dice! Designed with D&D in mind, this project will let you text a string like "2d6" to a number, then get the results of those die rolls and the total sent back to your phone as a text. Messaging fees may apply.


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