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Houston, TX /

Esri GeoDev HackerLab - Houston

START Houston 1121 Delano Street , Houston, TX 77003 (map)

We are hosting our second HackerLab event in Houston, TX on Tuesday, June 20th!

This is a four-hour, hands-on, strategically guided lab for developers that will cover how to build map apps with ArcGIS Online, APIs and Services, and Open Source.

The tutorials are going to be led by David Martinez and will be assisted by Andy Gup. They will give you time to play in between the tutorials. Snacks will be there for you to munch on. This is a BYOM, BYOI, BYOA, and BYOD event: bring your own machine (seriously, we don't have any extras), ideas, apps and data. Yeah. Oh and here is a list of the required materials:

1. Computer

2. Smart text editor (think Notepad++, Sublime) installed

3. Local web server running (check out this guide if you need help setting it up)

4. ArcGIS for Developers or ArcGIS Organizational account

HackerLab Agenda:

12:30PM - 4:30PM - HackerLab  (We get started promptly at 12:30!)

WE REPEAT: Bring your own machine! We will not have any extras for use.

NOTE: There is also a GeoDev Meetup happening in the evening right after, and everyone is welcome to attend. RSVP to the meetup here:

<a href=""></a>


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