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Houston, TX /

March: Building Secure and Scalable Mobile Applications on AWS

Apple Store - Highland Village 4012 Westheimer Road , Houston, TX 77027 (map)

AWS Mobile Hub is an entry level cloud platform for developers to "build, test, and monitor mobile apps" that leverage AWS services. AWS Mobile Hub lets you easily add and configure features for your mobile apps, including user authentication, data storage, backend API logic, push notifications, content delivery, and analytics. Whether you are creating a brand new mobile app or adding features to an existing app, AWS Mobile Hub lets you leverage the features, scalability, reliability, and low cost of AWS in minutes. AWS Mobile Hub walks you through feature selection and configuration, automatically provisions the AWS services required to power these features, and generates working apps for iOS (and Android too) that use your provisioned services. 


Dennis Hills is a Mobile Developer Advocate for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a University of Washington graduate in Computing Software & Systems. He has nearly two decades of web service experience ranging from client support and networking to software development across various platforms and languages. He has published more than a half dozen mobile apps and is a regular AWS blogger to the dev community. He is passionate about mobile, automation, and serverless cloud computing. 

When not punching the virtual clock, you can find Dennis running, automating products in the home, testing crazy app ideas on friends and family, or taking apart his two boys' electronic toys to see how the innards work. In his pre-tech career, he was a forest firefighter and cartographer. He currently resides with his family in a tree house of sorts in Lake Forest Park, Wash.


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