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Columbus, OH /

Columbus ATDD Developers Group

CoverMyMeds 2 Miranova Place , Columbus, OH (map)

Building a testing team like a Startup 

You work in an agile environment. Developers and Test engineers work side-by-side and write their tests together. Everything that can be automated, is automated. Your teams deploy many times each day. 

Yet, issues make their way into production more often than they should. Rolling back code is not acceptable like it was in your early days. The number of outages are creeping upward despite a focus on Uptime. The feeling from the team is that quality is not what it should be. 

How do you solve these looming problems. In the our part of CoverMyMeds, we started an experiment. What if we form a dedicated testing team shared between our development teams? What should the team do to be effective? How do we avoid the trap of becoming a “throw it over the wall” team that slows down deployments? 

This month, Brian will walk through using a Startup mindset to answer these questions. 

CoverMyMeds will host this ATDD User Group meeting.

2 Miranova Pl

Floor 12

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Please pull up to the front of the building and use the valet service. No need to tip or payment is needed, it is a complimentary service.

Once in the building, go to the elevators and come up to 12. They may need to use the box to buzz the receptionists to get out of the elevator lobby. There will be people there to escort you to the meeting.


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