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Colorado /

The Denver Drupal Meetup

Open Media Foundation 700 Kalamath , Denver, CO 80204 (map)

Whether you manage a single site or a hundred, you face constant requests to build new designs, new features, and even entirely new sites. How can you give your designers and marketers freedom to craft the look and feel that each brand requires without sacrificing your sanity?

In this session, Tim Anderson will take us through creating a theme system that can be shared across a variety of web sites and industries. We'll consider the theory and practice of migrating from a monolithic front-end code base to a modular component structure. We'll also examine case studies, and discuss the trade-offs and potential downsides of such a transition.

Topics include:

• Front-end workflows to see results, fast

• Breaking out of "append-only" mode to confidently edit existing code

• The power (and safety) of visual regression testing

• Theming page segments with Paragraphs Using custom tooling to ease pain points

By the end, you'll have real-world examples of how to systematically theme sites, both old and new, in a way that's fast, flexible, and fun!

Signup here and on the page:

The meet-up will take place at Open Media Foundation, just south of Downtown Denver. 700 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204


Add a comment if you have a question or want to share something! Pizza and Drinks will be provided by Aten Design Group.


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