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Cleveland, OH /

Event Driven Teams - Matt Snyder

LeanDog Boat 1151 North Marginal Road , Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)

Building a high performing team capable of meeting organizational demands and delivering working software is challenging as a leader. Leaders need to be able to manage up as well as down, constantly working to reduce organizational friction. The struggle is real.

Matt will draw on real world examples as well as reference thought leaders in areas such as educational psychology, servant leadership, and performance management. He will also discuss obstacles that most managers and teams face that prevent them from becoming high performing teams and how to overcome them. Matt will even break it all down to one simple equation, E + R = O.

Topics Covered:

* The importance of a unifying narrative.

* Understanding the impact of negative and positive reinforcement.

* Denying a culture of fear from permeating into your team.

* Keeping your team behaving above the line through a shared understanding of behavioral expectations.



Matt Snyder is the VP of Studio & Operations at LeanDog, a company that is focused on agile consulting and custom software development. Matt has been delivering custom software for 14 years and has been leading software teams for 7 years. He coaches high school and youth sports and speaks at conferences on fostering growth and positive leadership. Matt also teaches agile engineering practices and has done so in multiple languages.



* Food will be provided


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