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Cleveland, OH /

Open Workspace - Jon Stahl

LeanDog Boat 1151 North Marginal Road , Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)

Designing an open and collaborative workspace can be one of the most challenging tasks to execute during a lean-agile transformation. To ensure a successful open workspace your team must consider different personality needs, requests from various roles, different kinds and sizes of teams, and the facilities and stakeholders involved in the process. Jon will cover the advantages and pitfalls of the many possible choices. Furniture options, walls, rooms, privacy, music, food and much more all factor into creating your team’s unique space to promote collaboration and productivity. He'll draw from real-world examples that many companies have experienced, both successfully and less so.

Topics Covered:

- Understanding the importance and value of having a collaborative open workspace

- Utilizing break-out areas to compliment your new space

- Assimilating functional tools that help leverage success within the space

- Proactively sustaining the benefits of an open workspace


Bio: Jon Stahl is the CEO and founder of LeanDog, a company that is focused on agile consulting and custom software development. Jon has been practicing and upholding the values of the Agile Manifesto and Lean for over 14 years. He teaches and coaches companies at all levels across IT and the business, and is known for his coaching around topics such as Executive Agility, Kanban, Design Thinking, Continual Improvement, and other process improvement practices. He is also the leading author of the LeanDog Agile Discussion guide, book designed to structure team conversations on over 60 of the best Agile practices.


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