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Charlotte, NC /

Building Blockchain Applications with FlureeDB

Advent Co-Working Space 933 Louise Avenue , Charlotte, NC (map)

Brian Platz, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Fluree will introduce his new database offering, FlureeDB. FlureeDB is a new Graph-style database that allows developers to bring blockchain characteristics into everyday SaaS applications. Blockchain is the famous underpinning technology behind Bitcoin -- but its utility extends far beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has been touted by many as the fundamental building block for future enterprise transactions, as the need for trust, security, and transparency will continue to dominate innovation in business applications.. Using blockchain technology, each transaction within FlureeDB is time stamped and cryptographically secured as part of a continuous, chronological update to a digital ledger. The ledger may be privately held, shared amongst a consortium of entities, or publicly available. FlureeDB leverages the use of “Composite Blockchain Consensus,” in which developers can partition their data to lie on either a public, private, or internal blockchain, but join together to act as one database from an application's point of view. This innovation allows a single application system to consist of a hybrid of consensus characteristics based on data needs.

Agenda: * Brief review of blockchain technology - benefits and obstacles to modern applications

* Discussion on blockchain use cases across industry spectrum

* Overview of FlureeDB features - partitions, consensus environments, time travel query, immutability, and more.

* Demonstration of schema, transactions and query with live code examples

* Wrap-up and opportunity for Q&A


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