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Charlotte, NC /

Angular Goodness

Wray Ward 900 Baxter Street , Charlotte, (map)

Please join me as we saunter through the land of Angular and build something from nothing.  ( Yes I said saunter.  Work with me, please.)  We will visit with some of the symbiotic creatures like TypeScript, ES6, node, npm and Angular-CLI.  We will take some Angular components and services out for some exercise.  I want to share with you a sense of what a fun and joyous experience is it to build an Angular app.

This presentation is organized to give  you a good sense of how quickly you can build an application from an idea with some nimble fingers.  We won’t even have to come up with our own business idea.  The internet is chock full of them.  So let’s borrow from an already successful online auction website who will go nameless.  We will also have a back end server “read to go” handling all of our data service needs.  In this presentation we will focus on the happy path on the client-side.  If it was an easy to build an application, what would that look like?  What would it feel like?

I invite you all to join me.  I am excited to share with you what I have put together.

The meeting presenter is Doug Corbett.

Doug Corbett is a software consultant that has been developing applications primarily in the Microsoft stack since 1994.  He has worked with teams in large Fortune 500 companies as well as small 100 person companies.  His greatest sense of accomplishment came by consolidating five disparate systems into one web application within nine months.  Deployment went smoothly.  All bugs were resolved by noon of release day, just in time for lunch.  Many thanks go to Kathleen Dollard and her book “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET” 

In July 2017, Doug founded Lionheart Consultants, a consultancy focused on helping .NET teams get up to speed quickly with Angular, TypeScript and MongoDB.  He is reacquainting himself with the effectiveness of code generation and is currently looking at how to leverage his experience with Angular CLI schematics. 

In October 2017 Doug organized the meetup ngCharlotte to discuss all things Angular.  If you are interested, please check it out. 

Doug and his wife have four amazing children.  In his limited free time, Doug likes to play board games and read science fiction and fantasy books (go figure).  You can learn more about Doug at or follow him on Twitter @dougccorbett.


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