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Charlotte, NC /

The Case for More Bad Ideas (Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh)

Union 421 Penman St. #310 , Charlotte, NC (map)

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Having a system for creativity is overlooked at many agencies and brands because it's expected to be a given. That the people we hire are the creative process. Buying more whiteboards or just planning more brainstorms rarely does much to increase the creative ideas you're able to generate, as an individual or company. 

Jason Keath, founder and CEO of Social Fresh, flips standard creative thinking on its head as he makes the case for more bad ideas. Jason has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to train their digital marketing teams and design a better creative process. Learning how to define and encourage bad ideas across your organization will make your business more innovative and more successful. Innovative companies see an increase in sales, talent retention, and productivity. But it requires a commitment and refocus on creative culture. Do you have what it takes to invest in more bad ideas?


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