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Charlotte, NC /

Workshop: UX Architecture - Learn the Skills of the Trade

Description: Ever wonder what roles like UX / user researcher, information architect or UX designer entail? How do we figure out if software is effective and how can we strategically improve it to meet the goals of its users? 

In this workshop, we'll talk about the role of user researchers on software projects, collaboration with developers, then try out some user research ourselves! 

1. We'll explore the multiple disciplines and background of user / customer experience including usability engineering, information architecture, interaction design and content strategy.

2. UX as a career: skills needed, who this career may appeal to, education options & local resources!

3. Collaborating with UXers: if you take on any kind of software role, you'll likely have to work with a UX person. When developers and UX researchers / designers work together well, the whole project flourishes and these skillsets can harmonize nicely.

4. Let's research! We'll finish up by trying out some online IA testing on a simple web or app design using other attendees as your participants. Through this activity you'll get a hands on experience of the work and the types of challenges researchers / strategists run into.

Materials: Bring your laptop and sign up for a free Optimal Workshop account ( We'll be trying out some information architecture tools to test navigation. If you're currently working on a portfolio site or freelance / work project that isn't too dense, that could make a great test subject for this activity.

**Lunch will be provided at this workshop**

About the Teacher: 

Sarah Auvil is a UX architecture consultant at Cardinal Solutions. She dabbles in a little UI design and front end at times but specializes in user research, usability engineering and product strategy for clients. Hobbies include travel and personal finance, video games, anime, studying Mandarin and being a tea/coffee fanatic.


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