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Charlotte, NC /

CSS Architecture - How Not To Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Cardinal Solutions (Packard Place) 222 S. Church St. Suite 500 , Charlotte, NC (map)

Do you find that working with CSS is sometimes messy, confusing, or even painful? Does your CSS file continue to grow year-after-year because you don't know whether you can delete anything safely? Have you ever run across a class and wondered what it does or where it is used? If so, come learn about SMACSS, BEM, and other modern methodologies to tame the wild beast that is CSS!

This talk will not focus on any special features of the language, but rather on several facets that comprise good CSS architecture such as modularization, avoiding specificity conflicts, file organization, and namespacing. In particular, we'll look at a handful of popular methodologies and guidelines like SMACSS, BEM, Atomic CSS (there are two!), and a newcomer: ITCSS. We'll conclude with practical ways to implement these strategies in an existing project.

About the speaker:

Ivan Jonas Gomes is employed as a web developer at SentryOne in Huntersville, NC. He got some degrees at UNC-Chapel Hill and promptly forgot what they were about. In his free time, Ivan folds origami, learns languages (currently German), and plays only the most pretentious of video games.


6:30 - Food and networking

7:00 - Talk begins


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