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Charlotte, NC /

UX, UI, and Front-end...what's the difference?

When looking for a job in tech, you might come across the labels ‘UX’, ‘UI’, and ‘Front-End’. They all seem like they’ve got something to do with creating technology that people interact with…but what exactly does that mean? What’s the difference between the three? And how do you enter the field? In this talk, Ramya will answer these questions and leave you with some tips on entering the field, especially if you’re interested in working with technology but aren’t that interested in writing code.

About the Speaker:

Ramya is a UX Architect at Cardinal Solutions with a background in physical product design. She is also the Co-founder and Creative Director of Charlotte Storytellers. She believes that the human experience is thriving, chaotic, messy, and weird. Designing for it isn’t about achieving a goal, but about understanding how the stories of humans and products intersect. She also believes that puns are basically the best thing ever.


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