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Charleston, SC /

CharlestonJS May 2018 - HelloJS - PWAs - Lighting Talks

JRS Coding School 111 Coleman Blvd Suite 402, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 (map)

• What we'll do

Charleston JS Meetup Agenda

The first part of the meetup is for beginners if you are new to the community, or new to programming or new JavaScript the language, you will want to come at 5:30. We will go through some simple concepts and a little bit about programming.

* 5:30 - HelloJS Workshop - Learn the basics of programming

* 6:30 - Social Time: Food, Beverages, and Networking.

* 7:00 - Hands-on with Progressive Web Applications, Marcus Hellburg

You've probably heard a lot of talk about Progressive Web Apps – web apps that have many of the benefits of native apps, like offline support and push notifications, without the hassle of installing yet another app. Maybe you've even have added "Learn PWA" to your (neverending) TODO list and just haven't had time to learn it yet.

In this presentation, I'll take a hands-on approach to teaching PWA by walking you through building a simple PWA from scratch. I want to show you that it's easier than you think and that much of what's needed are things you already know. After the talk, you'll have the knowledge needed to go and build your own PWA.

About Marcus

Marcus is a developer advocate at Vaadin, helping developers learn about modern web technologies like Web Components and Progressive Web Applications. His background is in embedded systems but has worked on everything web related for the past 15+ years.

* 7:45 - Lighting Talks - 5-minute talks that share knowledge with the group.

* 8:00 - Close Meeting

• What to bring


• Important to know

Bring your laptop and register for a glitch account:




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