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Charleston, SC /

Creating Interactive Data Dashboards w/ Jupyter and Python

The Iron Yard 17 Princess St. , Charleston, SC (map)

Let's talk about how to create data-centric web applications using Jupyter Dashboards as well as some basics of analyzing fairly large datasets using Python (i.e. Pandas/Scikit-Learn).

More specifically, I'd like to talk about what could be done with this awesome Charleston Open Data site (much thanks to TJ for bringing it up).

If anyone would like to talk about how you would analyze some of the data there or about Jupyter, Jupyter Dashboards, Pandas/Numpy, etc in general, feel free to shoot me a message.  I'd love for this meeting to be more informal and hands-on, but either way I expect it will be a good one for anyone interested in getting started with or furthering their knowledge of the Python Data Ecosystem.


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