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Charleston, SC /

Free Crash Course - Build a Slide Puzzle in Javascript

Come join us for a fun night of code as we learn more about using Javascript! 

We will build a puzzle in javascript where a user slides pieces on a 3x3 canvas to make a scrambled image complete. We will diagram the logic problem, and then we will see how we can implement that logic using Javascript syntax to build a user-driven interactive game

Never written a line of code? Never fear! Our Free Crash Courses assume no previous knowledge of JavaScript or any other programming language. We want these courses to be accessible to anyone who is interested in learning more. 

Course Requirements:

• Any laptop with Google Chrome and Atom installed


This class will be taught by our amazing Front End Instructor, Travis Hubbard.

Several years ago Travis started goofing around in Javascript and now he is hopelessly hooked. He sees no path to recovery and now he can't not code. However, in those rare moments when not coding, Travis stays pretty solitary. He enjoys reading, travel, cooking, spending time with family, conversation with close friends, and hanging out in coffee shops. He really enjoys teaching and giving demos to students and receptive audiences. 

Feel free to come by a little early to meet Travis and our Ops team before the fun begins. 


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