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Charleston, SC /

F# Type Providers by Andre Dublin

Iron Yard Charleston 17 Princess St. , Charleston, SC (map)

Introduced in F Sharp 3.0, Type Providers are components that provide types, properties, and methods to an application to facilitate information rich programming.  In other words a type provider automatically exposes the types which represent provider’s data structures.

Type Providers are compiler plug-ins that provide us with types, that is they interrogate a data source and expose the underlying schema through familiar constructs such as classes and records.  We then code against the provided types as though they were actively maintained within the code, the result is simplified access.

Andre Dublin is a software engineer with an interest in distributed systems, game AI programming, and functional languages with a reputation of solving the hardest problems with elegant scalable solutions.

He does web and mobile application development and actively contributes to open-source community through projects, teaching, and organizing programming groups. He maintains a number of projects that help to refine his skills and learn new ones.

Presentation space courtesy of the Iron Yard

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