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Charleston, SC /

2nd Annual CWIT Mentor/Mentee Luncheon

Charleston Southern University 9200 University Blvd. , Charleston, SC (map)

We are excited to announce our second annual Mentor/Mentee luncheon! This free event will be held Thursday, February 23rd from 11:30am-1:00pm at CSU. 

The CWIT Mentor Program provides members of Charleston Women in Tech the opportunity to be matched with a mentor or mentee.  This program is relatively "hands-off" and requires mentors/mentees to establish their relationship after the luncheon.  We do anticipate having a few more structured events to meet with your mentor groups and we hope to include a newsletter with additional advice and guidance throughout 2017.

Due to demand, last years mentors were paired with up to 3 mentees in "Mentor Groups", and we anticipate a similar arrangement for 2017.  Each group had the opportunity to meet at the luncheon, and then plan additional steps.  Based on feedback from last year, we will be adding in a few new guidelines to help ensure that those participating in the program are able to find useful support. A full list of guidelines are below and do not hesitate to email Carolyn Finch if you have any questions regarding the program. 

If you would like to be included in the Mentor Program, please complete this short application.

If you cannot make the luncheon and would like to be included in the 2017 Mentor Program, please complete the application and email Carolyn Finch ([masked]).

This is a free event, (including lunch!), which includes being a part of a year long mentor program.  Please consider a donation to our GoFundMe campaign to continue to support the growth of Charleston Women in Tech! 

A HUGE thank you to CSU for supporting Charleston Women in Tech and our Mentor Program!

Hope you all can join us at the Mentor Luncheon and see you soon!


Full Mentor Program Guidelines

1. Mentors/Mentees are matched based on their application answers for a period of one year.  After that point, mentors/mentees may choose to continue their relationship for another year, change to a new group, or drop the program completely.

2. Mentors/Mentees should plan to attend the kick-off luncheon.  At this lunch, you will have the opportunity to meet the other women in your mentorship group

3. To the mentors- please consider this as taking the responsibility to help mentor a small group (1-3) of mentees.  We ask you check in with your mentees (via email/phone) at least once a quarter.  In addition, we recommend mentors meet with their mentees as a group or one on one, with all of your mentees during at least TWO additional times throughout the year.  (We suggest you schedule a meeting for May and November).

4. To the mentees- Be considerate of your mentors time.  Come to all of your mentor meetings with prepared questions and topics to discuss.   If you email your mentor, keep the message concise and consider cc'ing the other mentees in your group so that they too can benefit from the email chain. Do not ask your mentor for a job recommendation or support in getting hired at their company.  This program is meant to help mentees gain insight and knowledge into the tech industry by developing invaluable, personal relationships. 

5. If you do not hear from your mentor/mentees after the luncheon, please contact Carolyn Finch and we will try to address the issue and/or place you in a new mentor group.


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